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"Serengeti Distancing"
"The Sun in Her Eyes"
"Malebana Gorata"
"Adagio for a King"
"The Silence of Love"
"Who Owns the Shade?"
"Empire's Dust"
"Close Enough"
"Duma Tau"
"Lion Sundowners"
"The Long and Winding Trail"
"Semper Fidelis"
"Heavy Lies the Crown"
"Warrior, King"
"Clear and Present"
"Sister Pride"
"Ntate Tau"
"Walking to Xigera"
"My Sister's Keeper"
"At the Shore of the Heart"
"Lion of Tanzania"
"Shared Dreams"
"Soul Survivor"
"Savute Crossing"
"Mosedi Gorata "Mother's Love""
"The Decision"
"Heir to the Throne"
"Trouble comes in Two "
"Kalahari Ladies - Lion"
"Patriarch - Lion"
"Love and Loyalty - Lion"
"Amber Morning - Lion"
"Lion Watercolor Study"
"Hidden Portrait - Lion"
"Gale's Lion"
"Portrait of a Ruler"
"Lion In Winter"
"Beautiful Friends "
"Her Ladyship - Lion"
"Tau - Lion"
"Only Child - Lion"
"Old Soul "
"Reckoning - Lion"
"Sisters - Lion"
"Three Ladies of Savute - Lion"
"Warrior Queen - Lion"
"Evening Star - Lion"
"Brother's Keeper - Lion"
"African Ballet "
"Lions, Botswana"
"After the Battle"
"Savute Shade - Lion"
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