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"Mother & Daughter, Tanzania"
"Sabyinyo Guardian"
"Safe Place"
"Child of Virunga"
"High Desert Wind"
"Two Zebras"
"Paragon - Chimpanzee"
"Candelabra Tree Cheetah"
"Portrait of a Ruler"
"In Charge"
"A Strange Encounter - bear"
"Cheetah in Shadow"
"African Warrior"
"Dagga Boy "
"Dazzle I - Zebra"
"Dazzle II - Zebra"
"Denali Lovers - Wolves"
"Female Gorilla"
"Guardian - Gorilla"
"Reflection - Gorilla"
"Her Ladyship - Lion"
"Kitabu Chimanzee"
"Tau - Lion"
"Lonely Tree, South Africa - Monkey"
"Only Child - Lion"
"She - Horse"
"Tempest - Horse"
"Zephyr - Horse"
"Windshift - Horse"
"Brother's Keeper - Lion"
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