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Bringing Art to African Children

Through your generous donations, hundreds of children receive the opportunity to learn about art, develop their artistic skills and become better stewards of their local wildlife. We use donations to provide art supplies, lesson plans, teaching aids and opportunities for African children to learn the value of art and wildlife conservation in their lives and local communities .Supporting our wildlife center impacts hundreds of children and their families each year and spreads the word that animal poaching is ruining their future!

$150 pays for art supplies,posters and art education for 100 children!

By supporting our Wildlife Protector campaign, you are helping to create a generation of aware and enthusiastic Africans who are dedicated to the protection and conservation of the continent's wildlife. A thousand Wildlife Protector children today will become a thousand voting African adults working to protect wildlife in 15 years! Five thousand children will influence thousands of families and friends to report poachers and stop the slaughter of animals for their tusks or horns. Ten thousand children can change the course of endangered species all over Africa. We need your help for this to happen!

$250 buys 500 wristbands and helps organize events which helps 500 African kids to become "ANIMAL PROTECTORS".!

Your financial support will help expose African children to many different forms of artistic expression. Artists donate their representative artwork to motivate the children to be creative and appreciate wildlife. Artwork created by children is made into useful, salable items to raise funds for scholarships. Children learn the value of art to enhance their lives and express their spirit, as well as the critical importance animals play in their communities. You can help make a difference in the future of our planet!

$350 buys a computer and connects a village school with 200 children to the educational potential, job training and artistic mentoring available through the internet!

These funds also help artists, who pay their own way from the United States, to share their individual talents and passion for art with African children. We leave lesson plans with local teachers to continue the conservation and artistic lessons taught by these artists. These are lessons that can change the lives of these children and the future of endangered wildlife in Africa.

$1000 puts a talented child through school for four years develops their innate abilities and changes the direction of their life forever!

$2500 furnishes room ,board, and training to help a young high school graduate fulfill their dream of attending Ranger school to become a full fledged Ranger on the front lines of stopping poachers or administrating a park or sanctuary.

A Laptop Can Help Educate Hundreds of African Children

We started this program to recycle used personal laptop computers and not waste earth's resources by having them destroyed. However, this approach, tragically ,proved to not be cost-effective. By the time the computers were sterilized, and new programs and software uploaded, the cost exceeded $500 per computer! We now work through an organization which receives viable, refurbished, warrantied laptops from major manufacturers and installs the software and programs needed for only about $350 per computer.

Internet access can allow African schoolchildren to learn more about global wildlife conservation, the arts, and the role they must play in preserving the threatened animals around them. Connectivity can enable young Africans to meet their peers all over the world to establish relationships, friendships and mentoring programs. The same is true for American children, who by connecting with African students can gain a new understanding of global humanitarian issues, real-world wildlife issues, and their own responsibilities and privileges as American citizens.

For only $350 you can put the knowledge of the planet into the hands of well over one hundred children!

Scholarships help create the leaders of tomorrow

For as little as $1,000, an African child can be on her way to becoming a talented wildlife artist, park ranger, member of an anti-poaching police unit or a conservation education assistant. You can tag your scholarship donation for a specific scholarship goal or Wildlife Protector, and we will keep you abreast of the scholarship recipient and the progress he or she is making. Your help can change the life of a boy or girl and help them develop their talents to become an artist or ranger, instead of a subsistence farmer or day laborer. Help these children become part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

It only takes $1,000 to pay for the educational costs of one boy or girl to receive four years of education . Education that will change their lives and enable them to support their families without killing local animals. You can change the course of a human life for only $1,000!

For instance ,our old friend, Markeeta Brown helped start the" Brown Ranger Scholarship" which ,each year sends two promising female candidates to Ranger school. Park Rangers and Anti-poaching units had formerly been dominated by males ,but there is a growing number of young women who want to dedicate their lives to stopping wildlife poaching and protecting their wildlife. This new scholarship offers women a chance to gain the same credentials and opportunities to help save their wildlife.

For $2500,you can help a young woman can change the entire field of Wildlife Administration in Africa to accept the role women can play in protecting Africa's wildlife.

Creating a legion of WILDLIFE PROTECTORS

Donations earmarked for the Wildlife Protector program are used to purchase the silicone bands given to each participant. After joining the program and taking the pledge to protect local animals, children receive a certificate of their commitment and will be able to participate in activities and events organized to promote and support wildlife conservation. We organize local projects to save animal habitats and bring other children into the Wildlife Protector campaign. Our program needs funds to pay for the wristbands, certificates and events that involve children in creativity and conservation.

Only $350 buys the wristbands and certificates for 500 kids to join the WILDLIFE PROTECTOR program!

Each $100 buys 100 posters for 100 kids to bring home to teach their families and villages how important their wildlife is!

Our pledge for the use of donations

We promise that 90% of your donation will directly benefit the children of Africa and the specific goals of the Arts for Animals and Animal Protector programs. Most administrative costs and salaries in America are covered by donations from the founders.

Arts for Animals Inc. is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and is qualified by the IRS to receive tax-deductible bequests, devices, transfers or gifts.

Donors can deduct any contributions they make to ARTS FOR ANIMALS . Our IRS tax-exempt number is 47-1923144.

We are a GuideStar Platinum Certified Non-Profit

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