The Danger of Extinction

Hundreds of African animals are killed every day by poachers, snares and habitat loss. Many species across our planet are threatened or in danger of extinction. At the same time, human population is growing at a rapid rate, putting enormous pressure on animal habitats in Africa and around the globe. It is estimated that by the year 2050, many of Africa's most important species - elephants, Rhinos, Lions and Painted dogs -will be, essentially ,extinct in their native habitats!

For humans and wildlife to coexist, local people will need to make a serious commitment to wildlife conservation.This will change only by educating the world's children, and building a culture of protecting wildlife by changing attitudes about the important role animals play in those children's heritage and future.Our goal is to reach these kids and change the future of wildlife, especially in Africa, by using the magic of art and creativity to ignite their passion for protecting wildlife.These children crave education and Art education is almost unknown in their schools.

Hundreds of elephants are killed and maimed each day by poachers and snares
It will be up to Africa's children to stop the illegal use of wire snares and the killing of Africa's wildlife

Our new Arts For Animals wildlife Center in Zimbabwe
In May 2016, we moved out of our temporary art center building and into the new building we built specifically for art and conservation education classes

African children have little or no art or creativity in their lives
Our mission is to connect creativity with conservation by using the enthusiasm of children learning to draw to transfer over to creating enthusiasm for saving their wildlife. Often this is their first exposure to art!

African Children love art
These posters help them bring conservation messages home to their local village,family and friends

By providing important Art elements and materials ,we help other programs achieve maximum success.
Our "Animal Protector"program and our Poster program have been well received by the children.

Working with established programs like Painted Dog Conservation
Painted dog bush camps reach over 1000 children each year and our programs enhance the work they are doing.

Assisting Conservation programs Through Art Education

While Africans have used art for thousands of years to express their culture, preserve traditions and record history, many African children today have little exposure to art and the significance it can have in their lives. Arts for Animals builds upon children's natural interest in expressing themselves creatively by teaching the importance of both wildlife and art in their communities. Arts for Animals provides art supplies, lessons and examples to help African children express their spirit of creativity. Our new wildlife center is reaching hundreds of kids each year with the message of preserving their wildlife for the benefit of their futures and the future of their children.

Even more children will be reached by our "Conservation Education Partners" all over the world. Although our main focus is in Africa, our programs reach into Indonesia, Tonga and other South pacific Island nations.

For example, Wilderness Safari's "Eco-Ranger" program , Timbavati Bush Camp and Painted Dog Conservation Bush camp help educate and motivate several thousand children each year. Our drawing kits, teacher lesson plans,posters and "Animal Protector" wristbands have become an intrinsic and important part of their curriculum . It is through partnerships like this that ARTS FOR ANIMALS directly influences thousands of children each year.

Through our ARTS FOR ANIMALS,"Visiting Artist Program" artists from all over the planet can use the Art Center to teach and interact with local African students while they are in the Victoria Falls area on Safari. It offers artists the opportunity to make a real difference in both the lives of African Children and the future of African Wildlife!
This also gives American artists the chance to show their art to African Children and use their creativity to enhance the lives of kids on the African Continent.

How We Aim To Help

  1. Through the building and maintenance of a regional Wildlife Art center in Zimbabwe which introduces African children to both Art and Wildlife conservation and provides ongoing art/conservation education. And by partnering with other,ongoing programs and educational facilities to make their conservation messages more effective and long-lasting.
  2. By utilizing children's enthusiasm and creativity to encourage and empower African children to practice wildlife conservation today and in the future as adults . We aim for kids to pass the message on to their friends and family through our "Wildlife Protector" campaign and Wildlife poster program. The most significant, immediate goal of this particular program is to stop snares and animal poaching.
  3. By sponsoring scholarships for children who show the necessary talent and drive to become wildlife artists, park rangers, anti-poaching police or biologists.
  4. By providing laptop computers and cell connections to give kids internet access, often for the first time.
    By providing opportunities at the ARTS FOR ANIMALS WILDLIFE CENTER for International wildlife artists to influence and teach, local African children while visiting Africa.

African Children have virtually no Art or creativity in their lives

Artist David Bjurstrom ,visited the ARTS FOR ANIMALS Wildlife center last year to introduce children to his drawing and shading art techniques.
We want other artists to use the opportunities we present to share their talents and appreciation of our planets wildlife!

Texas artist, Sarah Janice Garcia ,donated her expressive and colorful wildlife art for the Art Center and now pledges a percentage of her sales to Arts For Animals programs

"Every spark of creativity adds to the collective light of the world"

These Bushman kids are learning the value of their endangered wildlife

I'd Like To Help

How You Can Help

Last year, for example, poachers killed over 1,250 Rhinos in South Africa alone and ,each day ,hundreds Elephants,Lions,Cheetahs and Rhinos are being killed by uneducated Africans. At this rate, it is estimated that Africa will be empty of elephants, lions, rhinos and other important animals by the year 2050.
Decades of conservation studies have taught us that we need to protect these animals where they exist naturally, and we can do this only by teaching and incentivizing local African communities to become stewards of their wildlife populations and protectors of all wild animals.
It is only through exposure to wildlife conservation messages that the world's children will learn the critical importance of their own wildlife and develop skills enabling them to support themselves and their families without poaching or killing endangered animals.

You know the key lies in the hearts of African children. And the time is NOW, before it's too late! What is your "legacy" to your children and our planet? Do you feel like you have shared your blessings fairly?

With your support, we can ignite creativity in the planet's children, help them foster a love and respect of wildlife ,and give them the tools to change their lives and the future of our wildlife .

All it takes for evil to triumph - is for good men to do nothing!

You CAN make a difference! DO SOMETHING TODAY!

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