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Anne E. London is an accomplished American artist whose work combines two her passions: visual art, and the conservation and celebration of endangered species. Through her earlier Intaglio engravings, to her latest work with impressionistic charcoal and watercolor, Anne brings to life breathtaking portraits of the animals in their natural habitats.

She travels frequently to Africa and other wild locations across the planet to witness endangered species firsthand and record the face of nature through her "Portraits of the Wild." Her digital studio holds a collection of her works, photos from the field, and journal entries from her adventures across the planet.

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Anne's artistic journey began over 40 years ago in Los Angeles, during her early film industry career. She worked with actress Tippi Hedren, who founded the Shambala Preserve -- a refuge in California for big cats, elephants and many other endangered species. It was there Anne first realized she could meld her artwork with her love for animals.

Since then, she has won numerous critical national and international awards. As a Signature Artist member of the Society of Animal Artists, she is recognized as having attained the highest level of ability in the field of animal art. In 2005, she won the society's prestigious Award of Excellence for her piece "Kitabu." Anne is also an active, signature member of Artists for Conservation, an organization that celebrates artistic excellence in the depiction of nature and directly supports individuals and organizations committed to animal conservation worldwide. In 2013 , she was nominated for the prestigious Simon Coombs Conservation award.

Anne appears frequently in global media, both an artist and a champion of animal rights. She remains passionate about sharing the beauty and majesty of Africa with other animal enthusiasts she meets on her travels, and her role in protecting our planet's endangered species is one she holds sacred.

She returns to Africa each year with small groups of fellow conservations and friends to gather new ideas and immerse herself in the wild. With her husband Jim Hart, she travels the planet learning about and sketching wildlife. From the lowland swamps of Borneo researching the incredible orangutan,to the clear waters off Tonga to study whale birthing, Anne dives deep (no pun intended) into the habitats and behavior of the species she draws.

Beyond studying and drawing wildlife, Anne also works with local schools in remote African communities to introduce children to art. In 2012, she and Jim founded "Arts for Animals", an innovative program for young African students that links "creativity with conservation. Today."Arts for Animals " is a USA based non-profit which teaches children to draw endangered and threatened animals while stressing the importance of preserving their wildlife and wild habitats.  Anne and her husband,Jim just completed building a new Wildlife conservation center in Zimbabwe which will reach hundreds of children each year with its goal of making children aware of the importance of their wildlife to their future. The center has been recognized by the Zimbabwe government as a model for future government built centers across the country. (For more information, visit www.artsforanimals.com.)

Anne moved her studio several years ago to Mandeville, Louisiana. With new spaces and energies, her art has continued to evolve as Anne adopts new materials and techniques. She continues to feature her work in galleries, shows and exhibitions across the United States as well as in Guatemala, South Africa and Italy. Over the last ten years , Anne has helped raise close to two million dollars for wildlife conservation programs across the globe.

We hope you enjoy your safari through this website and can immerse yourself in the "wilds" of Anne's imagination and art.

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