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Just click on any piece you're interested in to see it in a home, and then click on the accompanying photos to view larger or learn more about the moment I was inspired to paint it.

A E London Originals

Limited Edition Giclees

Anima Vestra Series

Art can, for a moment, take us to a peaceful place, far away from the burdens of reality.  We all miss the spirit and experience of sharing art with friends and artists at art shows and cultural events.  Faced with the challenges of life today, we wanted to find a way to use our creativity to cheer up our friends! I  feel we can offer you a wonderfully comparable cultural experience using this new "Portraits of the Wild Virtual Art Show." This seems to be the "art show of the future" and has been a huge success! I hope you enjoy a moment immersed in art - away from the cares of the world. 

Although I certainly miss the face-to-face time I enjoyed with all my friends and collectors at my art exhibitions, now I can leisurely chat with you- either by facetime or phone, about any of my artwork or latest adventures. No more crowds jostling for my attention, difficult parking, or cold rainy days- Just the opportunity to share the beauty, majesty and spirit of my wildlife art in a much more personal way. Unlike an art show, here I can display an entire range of my work ,and try new techniques.

There's even a sneak peak at my one woman exhibition-" ANIMA VESTRA", opening in the middle of this month, featuring my latest graphite drawings on paper-   To help you connect with my art,  I've  included interesting photos, as well as the inspirations and stories behind each piece!  Since we will have more time and you will have an opportunity to see my work represented in home settings—as well as "in the booth"—I am hoping it will be an easier, more personal, and convenient experience overall.

A E London Originals

Friends and Family Offer

Contact Me to Purchase

If you see anything you are interested in, or want to purchase a piece, let's talk about your ideas. Since this is a very special offer, only for my friends like you -- you must call or e mail me personally to make an order.

Please don't hesitate to contact me at AELondon@gmail.com or call me at (330) 204–4578  if you have any questions, want to make an order, or if you want to simply catch up with me and chat.

I am really enjoying hearing from my old friends and would love to hear from you as well!

A E London Originals

Limited Edition Giclees

Anima Vestra Series

$200 Off Originals, $100 Off Gliclees
And Free Shipping!

Today, we are all in the same "boat" economically, spiritually, and socially. I want you to know how much your friendship and support has meant to me, and I want to help as much as I can. So, to thank you and my other friends, I am offering this special opportunity to enjoy my work at a cost much lower than any art show.  To that end, we are offering you a "friends and family credit" of $200 credit off my originals, and $100 credit off my giclees (on our website gallery too!).  We will also pay for packaging and shipping the art to you. With no applicable tax, you will never see my art more affordable.

Now, for the first time, on many pieces, I can also offer you custom giclée sizes, so that you can perfectly fit my art on your walls. Some of my pieces are absolutely incredible in a larger size, and others can enhance smaller spaces.  Also, many of my newest originals are also available as giclees.

Lastly, with each purchase of an original, I am including a signed copy of my new coffee table book, "Portraits of the Wild," featuring my newest work, and often showing the evolution of my work from pencil drawing or "in the bush" photos- to finished art.  

My limited edition Giclee Prints

Standard sizes shown, but now I can make any piece, in any size you wish!

Today, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we can create a museum quality reproduction (GICLEE) of my artwork in any size for your home. Although we still have our standard sizes available, we can customize any of our giclées to fit your personal space. They can be created proportionally larger or smaller, depending on your requirements. The price is determined by the size, of course.

Don't forget, we are also offering, $200 off the regular price on any original artwork, and $100 off my giclees--in this virtual gallery, or on my website!

Since this is a limited, special offer for just my friends and collectors, you can only order by  e-mailing me (aelondon@gmail.com) or giving me a call at  (330) 204-4578. I'll look forward to chatting with you!

We know times are difficult, but I hope you know how much we appreciate your support and friendship. Your help enables me to continue my artistic journey and helps Jim and I to continue our wildlife conservation work in Africa and across the planet! Thanks again-we can't tell you how much your help means to us!


The " Anima Vestra " collection.

Staying at home this year meant alot more time in the studio. I can say that coping with Covid opened an old door for me, one that led me back to my roots , both as an artist and as a student of wildlife.

My years studying human anatomy in art school segued into drawing animals in the African bush.  

The theme of connection between animals and humans, something I feel keenly myself, has shadowed my thinking from the beginning.

In this new series I address what I think of as "ancient lineage" between our kingdoms.  Animals have always been symbolic of strength, aptitude, love- one only has to think of sporting team names, sleek cars, constellations and  totemic imagery.  Our very currency depicts an eagle clutching arrows. Winged angels, horned devils, mermaids and sphinxes - its hard to walk through an art museum without spotting the connection in a few minutes. 

Charcoal may be the first medium used to draw a line on a cave wall.

Like those drawings, I've worked with charcoal on a large surface- paper of a size that allows my imagination to stretch.  

I hope to share a moment of "unreformed awe" as we remember something larger than the sum of our worlds, the human and the animal, the "Anima Vestra" that we all came with.

Arts for Animals

At a time when peace and happiness is in short supply, nothing makes life look brighter than the heartfelt feeling of helping others and brightening the future of our planet by helping to preserve it's wild animals! If you love and respect wildlife as much as I do, and want to do something concrete to save our planet's animals, please consider helping our ARTS FOR ANIMALS work in Africa.

African classPlease remember that, as you support me and my artwork, you are also personally helping to save Africa's wildlife. It is only by educating the next generation of Africans that we can secure the future of Africa's animals.   Our nonprofit,, ARTS FOR ANIMALS works with schools, conservation camps, and the wildlife center we built in Zimbabwe in 2016 to stop wildlife poaching and protect animals through creative education

Each year, for the past 7 years, ARTS FOR ANIMALS reaches thousands of children, connecting creativity with conservation and introducing them to the magic that art can bring into their life. Today ARTS FOR ANIMALS has shown over 10,000 children the importance of saving their own wildlife. There's lots more information at www.ARTSFORANIMALS.com - Just click on the button below, to learn lots more about ARTS FOR ANIMALS and how you can help protect our endangered cheetahs, elephants, rhinos,and lions and guarantee that there will be wildlife on Earth for future generations.

It really is up to each of us to make a difference in the future of our planet's wildlife!

This is a way you personally can make a difference!     


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