Mon, Dec 21st, 2020

We are hoping 2021 will be a much better year

This has certainly been one of the most unique and difficult Journal entries we have written in the last 40 years! The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are supposed to be a time of reflection, gratitude and connecting with the people we love.

     Today, our reflections are rife with concerns about America’s future, our own personal future, and the future of our planet. It’s a very difficult time to focus on gratitude for our blessings, and even more difficult to connect with the people we love.

All Jim and I can say is that our holiday message remains unchanged. Simply said – “We are grateful for all our blessings- as Americans, as your friend, or as part of your family”.

A few years ago, our holiday message aptly mentioned, “your role as an important character in the biography of our lives and the color you have brought to our story”. I said, “Someday our children will look back at the adventures we shared with wonder and curiosity, just as we did with our parents”. I even said,” it is those shared experiences we value most.”

We could not have foreseen the formidable nature of the “adventure” we all share today, but it is a “shared experience” and certainly one our children will look back on with “wonder and curiosity”. Like many adventures, it is full challenges, heartaches, sacrifice and victories -large and small! We know you have the strength to deal with the challenges of this “adventure”, in a way you and your children will value and be proud of.

 Among our greatest challenges is finding peace and happiness again and we hope you can find the paths to those critical life elements successfully. We look forward to the day when we have clinched this adventure and we can reconnect with our dearly missed friends ,collectors and family! 

We wish you a peaceful, safe and fun 2021!!!


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Happy Holidays !!! And here's to a great 2021!
Happy Holidays !!! And here's to a great 2021!
Happy Holidays !!! And here's to a great 2021!